Brian Bancroft

I’ve been around the block.

I’m currently employed as a developer around the GTA. Prior to that, I’ve been a soldier, a mapper, and a technician all across the world.

I have a passion for mapping and the outdoors, and my long term goals are to work, and live confortably back somewhere in Vancouver Island. For now, I learn as I work.

I hold an honours bachelor of science with majors in Physics and Geomatics. My ambitions are to better understand server-driven processes and javascript-based toolchains. After that, I intend to get into data science. My stack is mainly Ruby and Javascript. I use Node, Ember, Vue, Express and a little bit of React. I’ve carried out some automated testing in Selenium with WebdriverIO, and Mocha. I’ve also tested in RSpec.

I’m happily employed at CareerJSM, but I’m always looking for small challenges on the weekends.