Brian Bancroft

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  • March 20, 2017

    Loading Tables to PostGIS Through QGIS on a Mac

    One of the older truths is that the Apple platform wasn’t the best fit for GIS and mapping. ESRI, the behemoth organization all GIS users know and love doesn’t have anything to offer on the platform. QGIS, until recently was adapted for the mac wi...

  • March 05, 2017

    Census Mapping and GDAL - A tutorial

    The other day, I observed a map which used 3d to display a chloropleth of the recently-released 2016 Census data for population.The mapBy Tom Weatherburn and William DavisThis is beautiful, and it’s also an opportunity to learn the basics of GDAL ...

  • January 15, 2017


    My first commerial project. A combination of many factors taken under mentorship with David Krett (link).This project had me work in the following areas: Front-end development with VueJS, Including Router and Resource. Back-end development. Crea...

  • January 01, 2017

    A Snapshot of Open Data in Canada

    This isn’t the first attempt at throwing all the data together in one location for all of Canada. First, the Government of Canada has thrown their hat into the ring sometime ago with the Open Government Programs in Canada Map as part of their Fede...

  • December 14, 2016

    Cartography Example

    This is a snippet of a topographic map I created last summer. The tools include ArcGIS, QGIS, OGR2OGR (for data conversion).Why?The truth is that Canadian topographic maps aren’t the best, especially far away from built up areas. I learned this th...